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Thinking about joining a choir? Here are 5 reasons why it could be good for you.

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

1. Joining a choir is a great way to meet people & make new friends

Singing with a group of people regularly, sharing music, laughter & fun can inspire those feelings of togetherness & belonging that can lead to lasting friendship. This is certainly the case with SSS. Being a small choir means that you can quickly get to know your fellow members and many social events are organised so that you can develop friendships further, outside of rehearsals.

2. Joining a choir can do wonders for your well-being

It is now clear from the research that singing with others improves a person’s sense of happiness and well-being. The ‘happy’ chemicals released when we sing - endorphins, serotonin & dopamine - boost your mood, make you feel more positive and uplifted and help to combat stress & depression. Singing with the choir after a difficult day can really chase the blues away!

3. Joining a choir can improve your physical health

Singing can also have a huge impact on your physical well-being. Your body is actually doing quite a workout when you sing, affecting your breathing, posture & muscle tension, as well as your brain. It is now known that singing can:

  • increase your lung capacity

  • reduce blood pressure

  • oxygenate your blood

  • boost your immune system

  • be effective in relieving pain

  • improve concentration

All that without breaking into a sweat!

4. Joining a choir can help boost your confidence

Many people feel nervous about joining a choir as they worry that their voice isn’t good enough, or that they won’t hit the right notes. However, in most choirs, (and certainly in SSS), you’ll be singing in a supportive environment and your voice will blend with those of others around you to create a wonderful sound together! The longer you are with the choir, the more you’ll learn about singing and your confidence will grow accordingly. The satisfaction you’ll gain from acquiring new skills & taking on new challenges can be a great boost to your self-esteem.

5. Being part of a choir is great fun!

Why do people keep coming back to choir rehearsals week after week? Because it is such fun! Great people, great music, laughter, creativity, a feeling of belonging, a sense of achievement! What more could you ask for?


Below are some of the things that SSS members have said they appreciate about belonging to the choir.

Do use the comments box to let us know about your experiences of choir membership.

Alternatively, you may like to share with us what you would hope a choir could offer you. We would be really interested to hear from you.

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